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ICs/Semiconductor, Passives & Memories, IGBT, Sensors
for R&D, A/S, Preproduction

  Supply of ICs/Semiconductor and Sensor in a field of Electric/Electronics & Telecommunication, Factory Automation, Medical Equipment, Vibration & Noise and Environmental Analyzing Instrument
and further Support of Data Sheet relevant

      To RFQ required Total Solution - To supply by Bundle Package

The best PRICING, and a superior technical Support, You can require round o'clock through
to whatever you look for.
 Your Inquiry to KIT set, and/or Components/Parts for BOM
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IC - for Newly-made products, or Trial products in R&D Center, Technical Laboratory, Science & Engineering College, Engineering School,
and various Components for repairing/maintenancing service in A/S Center

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Components Group : IC, TR, Diode, FET, LED, FND, POWER MODULE, SCR, DRAM, SRAM, EPROM,
SIP(Semiconductor Intellectual Property), & Board

Pricing   : The best different pricing support subject to quantity by R&D, PP,
and MP

Issue : To recommend alternative
parts considering Obsolete, New model, developed function, and production costs





Tantalum Capacitor & Inductor - Passive Components, Sensors, Test & Analyzing Components

Tantalum Capacitor


Parts & Equipment Group :
Chip Tantalum Capacitor, Chip Inductor
& Chip Resistor - Passives, Test & Analyzing Instrument, and
Electro-Mechanical Sensors

Pricing : The best supply, or Alternative as local-made products based on difference by a step of R&D, Test, PP and MP

Issue : To recommend alternative parts, or similar model upkeeping inventory stock by various demands through analyzing technical specification and function




Independent Distributor and Own Stock Supplier
- ICs/Semiconductor, Passives & Memories, IGBT and Sensors -

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